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産学共創プラットフォーム共同研究推進プログラム OPERAのウェブサイトは、国立大学法人筑波大学T-PIRC(以下、当センター)が運営するウェブサイト( )です。 Followed by English version.







The OPERA website ( is operated by the National University Corporation T-PIRC of the University of Tsukuba.

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The official site of T-PIRC consists of the main page and the organization page which the organization such as department, center etc individually edit. The responsibility for the contents of each page shall be borne by the department or organization responsible for editing.
Articles, photos, illustrations, etc. posted on this website are protected by copyright law. Therefore, copying, duplication, translation, reprinting etc without permission by the copyright owner is forbidden by law.

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This website contains links to a number of external sites, but we do not undertake any obligation or responsibility for this independent site and service of third party.


When using this website, we will judge that you have agreed with the wish and attention on using this website. Depending on various circumstances on this website, we may partially modify and add the above contents. Please be forewarned that if you continue to use this website after a policy change is posted, it will be deemed that the site user has confirmed the change details.